Bitcoin based Decentralized Exchange
Your Keys, your Crypto!

  • Multisignature DEX (User holds one key, nodes hold the other key)
  • Proof of Reserves. Accounts publicly verified. Full transparancy with privacy intact.
  • Uses Threshold Keys (Similar to Shamir's Secret Sharing) & Decentralized Nodes
  • OPEN SOURCE! Run JavaScript locally with a couple clicks
  • Provides Deadmans Switch & Backup Solution in Case of a Force Majeure
  • Protected from Hacking, Phishing and Supply Chain Attack
  • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins and can even support Monero
  • High speed trading! Uses signature hashes to route debt between users


No Spam. No Junk. No Joke.


Come trade with Over the Counter!

P2P Trading is Open

Buy & Sell Over The Counter and Person to Person, while we build NightTrader;
Decentralized Multi Signature Wallet and Exchange.

Double Deposit Escrow Protection

Optional trustless protection with BitBay.Market

Learn more about BitBay.Market

Privacy Intact

No cloud, no leaks, no sharing.

Chat with us in private directly here!

Mobile friendly

Buy and sell popular digital currencies directly with OTC Desk on and off-ramp

Start Trading

Coming this Winter:
NightTrader MSig DEX!

World Class, Decentralized Multi Signature Wallet and Exchange!

We can't Access your Funds

We can't Access your Funds

Client side generated key password will give you control of your keys, your coins.

Multi Signature Protected

Multi Signature Protected

Cryptocurrency stored on our Site are extra secure with 2 of 2 signatures.

World Class & Fast DEX

World Class & Fast DEX

With our unique trustless IOU system we have a faster and cheaper exchange than any other DEX in the industry.

Private & Frictionless

Private & Frictionless

Unique legal setup allows frictionless user management and is hardcore privacy focused.


0.25% trading fee. That’s all.

Low Trading Fees

We strive to be very competitive. Even so it is hard to compare us to other exchanges or wallets, since our security is exceptional.


Earn Money with NightTrader:

Make money on referals!

How can I earn Money with NightTrader?

Signup and get your referal code.

Then share it with your friends and traders to get a percentage of their trading fees.

How much can I make on trading fees?

Here is an example:

If you sign up one person and they trade a Million Dollars and you are getting 0.1 % then you would net 1000 Dollars of that trade.

What are the differnt payout levels?

1 lvl CryptoKnight – This rank is achieved by gaining a direct referral(s). If you only have direct referrals then you will always remain a CryptoKnight. For every trade a direct referral trader makes, a CryptoKnight locks in 60% of the 1/10 reward and the exchange retains the remaining 40% for potential payouts to higher levels.

2 lvl CryptoBaron – This rank is achieved by your referrals referring new traders. If one of your referred trader refers a new trader, for every trade that new trader makes, you earn 60% of the left over 40% = 24% from these type referred traders. The exchange retains the remaining 16% for potential payouts to higher levels.

3 lvl CryptoEarl – This rank is achieved by your referrals referring new traders that refer new traders. for every trade that the new trader makes, you earn 60% of the remaining 16% = 9.6% from these type referred traders. The exchange retains the remaining 6.4% for potential payouts to higher levels.

4 lvl CryptoDuke – Achieved by your referrals referring new traders that refer new traders that refer new traders. 60% of remaining 6.4% = 3.84% from these type referred traders. The exchange retains the remaining 2.56% for potential payouts to last level.

5 lvl CryptoPrince – Same as above but with a chain where a referred, referred, referred, referred trader refers a new trader. CryptoPrince’s gain the leftover 2.56% from these type referred traders.

What is required to participate?

You only need to signup with an Email or Bitmessage account to get your referal link. To withdraw earnings, you need to make at least one trade.

Is there more Information on Rewards?

NightTrader Referral Rewards takes 1/10 of all trade fees generated by referrals. In order to maintain referral levels, all traders chained together must trade at least once per week (note that if your referrer above you does not trade, it does not affect your rewards from your referrals if you all trade).

Since NightTrader cannot guarantee that referrals will trade, NightTrader must retain a minimum of 40% of the 1/10 reward for the sake of using a 5 level system.

Are rewards garanteed?

Because this is a new exchange, the affilate program maybe subject to change at any time.








Alpha + Beta Testing

We invite our community to test the multi signature wallets, backup recovery tools and some limited trading with testnet and realnet coins.


Soft Launch

Once beta testing of functionality, security, reliability and performance is complete we will make the front end UX/UI design more attractive. During this phase we can launch to the public without big marketing; A so called soft launch.


Optimized Customer Support

Organizing support channels based on user feedback, and creating FAQ's and instructional videos on "how to" use the exchange.


API and Index Site Listings

Creating a well documented API with end user integration, to enable 3rd party applications and get other businesses connected. Also hooking up data to Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and so forth.


BTM and Exchange House Integration

Integrating with the two leading Bitcoin ATM (BTM) manufacturers, GENERAL BYTES and Genesis Bitcoin ATM's and connecting to the pre signed on Exchange Houses.


Adding more Coins and Chains

Adding more coins to NightTrader, especially multi-chain support for all EVM compatible blockchains besides the UTXO Coin and enabling true ultra secure cross chain trading.


Security Audits and Hardening

Creating new milestones after some extensive security audits and eventual fixes.