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Optional trustless protection with BitBay.Market

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No cloud, no leaks, no sharing.

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Coming this Winter:
NightTrader MSig DEX!

World Class, Decentralized Multi Signature Wallet and Exchange!

We can't Access your Funds

We can't Access your Funds

Client side generated key password will give you control of your keys, your coins.

Multi Signature Protected

Multi Signature Protected

Cryptocurrency stored on our Site are extra secure with 2 of 2 signatures.

World Class & Fast DEX

World Class & Fast DEX

With our unique trustless IOU system we have a faster and cheaper exchange than any other DEX in the industry.

Private & Frictionless

Private & Frictionless

Unique legal setup allows frictionless user management and is hardcore privacy focused.


Store, Trade and Track your Portfolio Ultra Securely

Here some feature highlights:

  • All your Coins in One Secure Multisignature Wallet
  • Uses Threshold Keys (Similar to Shamir's Secret Sharing) & Decentralized Nodes
  • Open Source Frontend & Ready to Market as Whitelabel Product
  • Provides Deadman Switch & Backup Solution in Case of a Force Majeure
  • Protected from Hacking, Phishing and Supply Chain Attacks
  • Protected from In-Person Attacks, Accidental Loss, Device Failure & More

0.25% trading fee. That’s all.


Low Trading Fees

We strive to be very competitive. Even so it is hard to compare us to other exchanges or wallets, since our security is exceptional.


DeFi Liquidity & Passive Income

Profit passively from trades on NightTrader simply because you make it liquid.
Special Bonus to BitBay Coin Hodlers and liquidity mining for exchange fees:

BitBay Reserve Price:

1 BAYR = 0.03 DAI

Available for Sale:


Total Coins:

~ 1,029,153,366 BAY



Some of the trading fee’s are randomly airdropped to the top BitBay Coin holders to incentivize holding BitBay.

Furthermore, some fee’s might be used by some NightTrader Nodes to buy BitBay if volume is decent enough.


NightTrader's real world expansion:

We have 90+ BTM’s and 370+ exchange houses waiting for us.

Reveal teaser from 2014

Fun Fact: The idea for a decentralized exchange was conceived in 2013. That it would be called NightTrrader was conceived in 2014.




Unfilled Market & Unique Tech

Unfilled Market & Unique Tech

Unlike Ethereum DEX’s this exchange runs on UTXO Coins such as Bitcoin! Join an unfilled market share.

Become a Masternode
Become a Bitcoin42 Investment Club Member

Become a Bitcoin42 Investment Club Member

You don’t have to run Bitcoin ATM or an Exchange House to become a NightTrader Private Investment Club Member.

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DeFi Liquidity & Passive Income

DeFi Liquidity & Passive Income

Profit passively from trades on NightTrader simply because you make it liquid, or gain trading fee’s by becoming a top 250 BitBay hodler address.

Open Source

Open Source

We are strongly considering to open source the entire software stack under the Jelurida Public License, with the Special Conditions requiring a continues 10% trading profit airdrop to the NightTrader Master Node holders from NightTrader clones.


High Level Roadmap

Our plans so far…


The Idea was Born

Knowing decentralized exchanges are a vital part of the overall crypto coin infrastructure, we started R&D a long time ago! A piece of the puzzle was the creation of NAOME S.A.P.I. de C.V. in Mexico; One of the first legal entities focused on everything in regards to crypto coins and molding the legal foundations of regulations that started in 2017.


The Idea Solidifies

Another piece of the puzzle gets created. A company in the Seychelles and Sweden to legitimize business worldwide and within Europe. Many new insights and progress into architecture and design is made! With's dynamic peg, a successful beta exchange was completed.


Everything Starts to Fall into Place!

While being community members and fans of Bitbay.Market we saw how they struggled against the corruption of exchange industry because of the pegs custom integration requirements. We saw everything from bad actors, incompetent coders, gouging for fees, refusal to accept escrow and even outright theft of listing fees and thus we saw the importance of our vision, to create a decentralized exchange that can not steal from it's users. This year passes with private alpha and beta testing and we start to prepare for the launch in 2021.

2021- 2022

Alpha Testing

We invite our community to test the multi signature wallets, backup recovery tools and some limited trading with testnet coins.


Soft Launch

Once beta testing of functionality, security, reliability and performance is complete we will make the front end UX/UI design more attractive. During this phase we can launch to the public without big marketing; A so called soft launch.


Optimized Customer Support

Organizing support channels based on user feedback, and creating FAQ's and instructional videos on "how to" use the exchange.


API and Index Site Listings

Creating a well documented API with end user integration, to enable 3rd party applications and get other businesses connected. Also hooking up data to Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and so forth.


BTM and Exchange House Integration

Integrating with the two leading Bitcoin ATM (BTM) manufacturers, GENERAL BYTES and Genesis Bitcoin ATM's and connecting to the pre signed on Exchange Houses.


Adding more Coins and Chains

Adding more coins to NightTrader, especially multi-chain support for all EVM compatible blockchains besides the UTXO Coin and enabling true ultra secure cross chain trading.


Security Audits and Hardening

Creating new milestones after some extensive security audits and eventual fixes.


The Team Behind NightTrader

NightTrader has assembled a world class team with over 42 years of collective experience:


Alec F.M. Hahn

Team Leader

Since 2010 involved with Bitcoin and since worked with several Blockchain technologies and start ups. In 2014 he introduced the first Bit- and Altcoin ATM in the world. Alec has experienced full business cycles from startup to expansion of the core business. As a media designer his work was displayed at the Museum of London, Deutsches Museum in Munich and Cineteca Nacional in CDMX.



Lead Developer


NightTrader Community


We listen closely specially during Alpha and Beta testing that you can join until end of this year!



Not yet, but when, here you will find it.


NightTrader FAQ

Any questions missing? Let us know.

What is NightTrader?

NightTrader is a ultra secure, private and fast decentralized exchange where users have full control over their money, by utilizing multi signature capacities of UXTO coins and later other blockchains.

Which cryptocurrencies will be accepted at launch?

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and BitBay (Liquid and Reserve)

Can I invest in NightTrader?

Currently there is no direct investment possible. Because our decentralized design philosophy does not -like other dex’s- use a “middle”, “utility” or “governance” token to achieve it’s goal. Instead of creating new potential bag holders, you can invest indirectly:

Either by buying BitBay Coins, since we will be randomly sending exchange fee’s to the Top 250 addresses,

or by becoming a master node owner, that runs the NightTrader exchange in the background. For further information, please contact directly Alec F.M. Hahn on Telegram or LinkedIn

Where is NightTrader based?

NightTrader is based in Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Seychelles and in many undisclosed locations around the world where the master nodes operate.

How can I get involved?

Join our Telegram chat!

Why the name NightTrader?

Because we like to trade in the night.


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